Your journey ends here if you are looking for the best wedding venues in York. From the romance of countryside barns to the prestige of city hotels, this concise overview delivers the insights you need to make your choice. Expect to find venues that resonate with your vision and comfortably welcome your guests, all without navigating through pages of options. Begin your path to a memorable York wedding with these handpicked selections. As a York wedding photographer who has covered many wedding in and around the city I’ll also discuss a few of my favourites venues below.

Key Takeaways

  • York offers diverse wedding venues, including rustic barns, historic halls, castles, luxury hotels, and unique spaces, that cater to various styles and accommodate both intimate and large-scale weddings.
  • All-inclusive venues and outdoor settings are available for a hassle-free and picturesque wedding experience, with options from budget-friendly to luxury preferences, each ensuring a unique and memorable day.
  • Accessibility, comprehensive catering and bar services, and a range of recommended wedding resources like planners, photographers, and florists are ready to provide tailored, inclusive, and quality experiences for every couple.

Wedding locations in York

York, with its rich history, stunning architecture, and charming ambiance, offers a variety of exceptional locations for weddings. The charm of York goes beyond its historic city centre, extending to the stunning wedding venues scattered across the former city walls and in the surrounding North Yorkshire countryside. These venues, each with their unique charm and character, offer a variety of styles to cater to every couple’s dream wedding. I’ve discussed some of the popular wedding venues in York below and included photographs that I’ve taken at weddings in these locations.

Historic Wedding Venues in York

For those seeking intimate weddings with a touch of history and grandeur, York’s wedding venues offer an immersive experience. Some of the top historic wedding venues in York are discussed below. The images below taken by Kirsty Mattsson photography are showing a window view to York Minster, the Museum Gardens near to the Hospitium and a confetti send off on Micklegate.

Wedding scenes in historic English settings.

York Minster

York Minster, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe, is an iconic venue for a grand and traditional wedding. Its stunning architecture, stained glass windows, and historic significance provide a majestic backdrop for a ceremony.

Middlethorpe Hall

Middlethorpe Hall is an exquisite country house hotel set in 20 acres of manicured gardens and parkland, just a few minutes’ drive from the city center of York. This 17th-century manor offers a unique blend of historical charm and modern luxury. With its elegant rooms, period decor, and stunning gardens, Middlethorpe Hall provides a picturesque and intimate setting for weddings. The venue offers various wedding packages and can cater to both small, intimate gatherings and larger celebrations.

Gray’s Court

Nestled in the shadow of York Minster, Grays Court is a hidden gem offering a blend of historic charm and modern luxury. This boutique hotel and venue boasts beautifully decorated rooms, stunning gardens, and a picturesque courtyard. The unique setting, combined with its personalized service, makes Grays Court an ideal choice for an intimate and stylish wedding.

Merchant Adventurer’s Hall

This timber-framed medieval guildhall is one of York’s hidden gems. The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall offers a beautiful and historic setting with its Great Hall, Undercroft, and beautiful gardens. It’s perfect for couples looking for a venue with character and heritage.

The Hospitium

Situated within the beautiful Museum Gardens, the Hospitium is a medieval two-story building offering a unique historical charm. Its picturesque surroundings and rustic interiors make it a popular choice for couples seeking a romantic and intimate wedding venue.

The National Centre for Early Music

The National Centre for Early Music provides an open space filled with natural light, beautiful wrought iron candelabra, stunning stone arches, and excellent acoustics.

National Railway Museum

For train enthusiasts and those looking for a unique venue, the National Railway Museum offers a distinctive and exciting setting. Surrounded by iconic locomotives and historic railway memorabilia, it creates a unique and memorable experience for wedding guests.

One of the distinct advantages of these historic venues in York is their adaptability, accommodating wedding celebrations of varying sizes. For instance, The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall in York city centre can comfortably accommodate wedding celebrations for parties as large as 180 guests and as small as 20 people. Furthermore, these venues offer:

  • Tailored wedding packages
  • A choice of beautiful rooms licensed for ceremonies
  • A dedicated wedding planner
  • Delicious menus
  • An extensive wine list

Luxury Hotel Wedding Venues

If luxury and elegance are what you’re after, York’s luxury hotel wedding venues are worth considering. Venues like The Grand Hotel, The Principal York, and Hotel Du Vin offer top-notch service and accommodations, providing a touch of sophistication to your wedding day.

These luxury hotels in York offer beautiful spaces for ceremonies and wedding receptions and accommodate large guest capacities. The Principal York, for example, (Images shown below) can accommodate a dining and reception capacity of 220 guests. For the wedding ceremony, the venue’s Oak Room can host up to 160 guests, and for a wedding breakfast, it can accommodate up to 100 guests. Moreover, they offer tailored wedding services, ensuring that each wedding day is as distinctive and memorable as possible with the help of their dedicated team. This is one of my favourite venues in York for photography because of the magnificent interiors.

Elegant wedding moments in grand architectural settings.

The Principal, York

The Principal York is one of the city’s most iconic venues, blending Victorian architecture with modern luxury. Located next to York railway station, this grand hotel offers magnificent views of York Minster and the city skyline. The Principal York provides several elegant spaces for weddings, including the stunning Oak Room, the opulent Event Centre, and the Garden Room, which opens onto beautifully manicured gardens. The hotel’s exquisite interiors, combined with its impeccable service, make it a top choice for couples seeking a sophisticated and memorable wedding experience.

The Grand, York

For a touch of luxury, The Grand, York, a five-star hotel housed in a historic former railway headquarters, is ideal. With its sophisticated décor, exceptional service, and beautiful event spaces, The Grand provides an elegant and memorable setting for a wedding.

Middletons Hotel

Middletons Hotel is a hidden luxury hotel set in the heart of York. This 18th-century building is set within beautiful, secluded gardens, providing a picturesque and intimate setting for weddings. It’s combination of historic charm and modern amenities makes Middletons Hotel a wonderful choice for couples looking for a blend of tradition and contemporary comfort.

No.1 York Boutique Hotel

Just a 10 minute walk from the Minster, this is regency townhouse that has been lovingly transformed into a palatial city wedding venue, ready to host up to 50 guests for a fabulous, elegant wedding day.

Rustic Barn Wedding Venues around York

If you’d like something a little more rustic and immersed in nature then Farm and Barn weddings are perfect for those seeking unique wedding ceremonies. They offer a stunning location and a countryside ambiance for your special day. There are many beautiful barn wedding venues located on the outskirts of York and in the surrounding countryside.

Collage of diverse rustic wedding scenes in barn venues.

There’s something incredibly charming about rustic barn wedding venues. Their unique blend of simplicity and elegance, coupled with the countryside’s natural beauty, makes them a popular choice for couples. Some examples of barn wedding venues around York can be seen below;

Consider Hornington Manor, tucked away within a working farm, offers stunning backdrops and luxurious accommodation for up to 44 guests, making it a fantastic choice for a countryside wedding in York. The Normans is also worth a special mention. Located just outside York in the charming village of Bilbrough. This venue is renowned for its blend of rustic charm and contemporary elegance, a beautiful romantic space with walls of fairy lights original brick walls, wooden beams, and a high vaulted ceiling.

Woodstock Weddings and Events is also nestled in the picturesque North Yorkshire countryside, just a short drive from the city center of York. The venue is set within 20 acres of stunning grounds, offering a tranquil and romantic setting that combines natural beauty with rustic elegance. Finally, one of my favourite barn weddings in Yorkshire is Wharfedale Grange, it’s a little further off but still just 25 miles outside York. It’s a stunning luxury barn with sumptuous interiors and beautiful romantic lighting. It can also accommodate large numbers of guests.

Castle wedding venues near york

If you’re looking for something rather grand there are a few very spectacular castle venues very near to York. These remarkable castle venues provide a fairytale setting for your wedding day and you really get the luxury experience. I am very pleased to be one of the few recommended photographers at Allerton Castle, Hazlewood Castle and Ripley Castle. These venues are some of my favourites in Yorkshire.

Elegant weddings at historic UK estate and castle venues.

Allerton Castle

Located about 18 miles from York, Allerton Castle is one of the most spectacular wedding venues in the region. This 19th-century Gothic revival castle offers a majestic backdrop with its grand staircase, opulent interiors, and beautifully manicured gardens. Couples can host their ceremony in the elegant Great Hall, followed by a reception in the state rooms, creating a truly regal experience.

Hazlewood Castle

Situated approximately 12 miles from York, Hazlewood Castle is a stunning medieval castle that dates back to the 11th century. Set amidst 77 acres of beautiful woodland and landscaped gardens, it provides a romantic and serene setting for weddings. The castle offers a range of wedding packages, with ceremonies held in the historic chapel or outdoors in the garden, and receptions in the grand state rooms or the modern event spaces.

Castle Howard

Just 15 miles from York, Castle Howard is an iconic stately home with over 300 years of history. While not a traditional castle, its grandeur and architectural splendor make it a popular choice for weddings. The venue offers several stunning locations for ceremonies and receptions, including the elegant Long Gallery, the picturesque Temple of the Four Winds, and the romantic Walled Garden.

Ripley Castle

Located around 25 miles from York, Ripley Castle is a 14th-century country house that offers a charming and intimate setting for weddings. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful deer park, lake, and walled gardens. Couples can exchange vows in the castle’s ancient library or the stunning gardens, followed by a reception in the grand dining room or the marquee overlooking the lake.

Packages at these unique wedding venues in York usually include a wide range of excellent services such as:

  • spa treatments
  • afternoon tea
  • cookery school access
  • canapés
  • accommodations for the couple and guests
  • a multi-course wedding breakfast

All-Inclusive Wedding Venues in York

For those desiring a stress-free wedding planning experience, all-inclusive wedding venues in York are a great option. These venues offer ceremonies and wedding reception, spaces, catering, and accommodations in one location, simplifying the planning process. Venues like Hotel du Vin and The Principal are fantastic choices for couples looking for top all-inclusive wedding venues in York that provide a comprehensive package for their special day.

These all-inclusive wedding packages are often packed with incredible value, including venue hire, various delectable food options, drinks packages, and attentive service. You may even have the opportunity to upgrade to a lavish three-course wedding breakfast and customise a bespoke package to suit your needs perfectly. An all-inclusive wedding venue simplifies the planning process by consolidating numerous wedding details such as venue selection, catering, and accommodations, reducing the stress and workload on the couple.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in York

For those who dream of exchanging vows amidst nature’s beauty, York’s outdoor wedding venues are certainly worth a look. These venues feature picturesque gardens, stunning views, and versatile spaces, providing an idyllic setting for your ceremony and reception. Some of the outdoor wedding venues in York include:

  • Howsham Hall
  • The Mount York
  • Escrick Park
  • The Normans
  • Hornington Manor
  • Sandburn Hall
  • Wold Top Brewery

These venues enchant with their picturesque gardens, historic buildings, and stunning countryside views. They provide outdoor ceremony spaces, charming courtyards, and the possibility for couples to use the grounds exclusively on their special day. They offer diverse outdoor spaces to suit every style and preference.

Accessibility and Accommodations for Guests

In planning your wedding, considering the accessibility and accommodations for all your guests is paramount. Thankfully, most York wedding venues understand the importance of this and provide wheelchair-friendly spaces, fully accessible hotels, and a range of lodging options. Moreover, some venues, like Villa Farm York, go above and beyond to provide accommodations for guests with disabilities, including Minster Lodge, which has disabled access. They are happy to work with guests to address specific needs or mobility restrictions.

Catering and Bar Services in York Wedding Venues

The food and drink offerings, often the highlights of any wedding, are exceptionally catered to by York wedding venues. These venues provide customisable menus, diverse drink options, and professional service to suit your preferences and budget. Many offer a range of customisable wedding menus, allowing you to tailor the dishes to your preferences and requirements. Furthermore, they offer an exciting variety of bar services, ranging from elegant marquee bars and rustic bars to cocktail bars, ensuring a selection to suit the theme and style of your wedding.

The cost of catering per person at a York wedding will depend on the options you select. The average wedding catering cost per person in York was about £70 per head, according to a Hitched National Wedding Survey in 2022, which gives a ballpark figure for intending wedding couples to consider.

Expert Tips for Choosing Your Ideal York Wedding Venue

While choosing the perfect wedding venue might seem overwhelming, a few expert tips can help make this easier. Starting your search early is important, as some venues can get booked up to two years in advance. However, most couples tend to book their ideal venue around a year before their wedding date.

Accessibility is also crucial. It ensures that all your guests, including those with disabilities or mobility issues, can fully participate in and enjoy the celebration.

Lastly, a consultation with your wedding photographer can provide valuable insights into choosing a venue. They can provide useful advice on the venue’s size, the time available for photography, and other logistical aspects that can influence the quality of your wedding photos.

Wedding Planning Resources in York

Utilizing various wedding planning resources in York can help create a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience. These resources include wedding planners, caterers, photographers, florists, transport, hair and makeup, music etc. You can find a business for any service or product you would like at your wedding. For those fun extras look for magicians, photo booths, lawn game providers, fireworks and performers.

Numerous catering companies in York and the surrounding areas come highly recommended for weddings. As a photographer I eat at weddings all the time and some of my favourite companies are below;

  • Baba Ganoush
  • Hog and Apple
  • Friends for Dinner
  • Homegrown Hospitality
  • Dom’s Kitchen

Additionally, there are fantastic florist services for weddings in York, such as:

  • Wild Flowers of Harrogate
  • Weddings by Dulcie Butterfly
  • The Little Flower Hut
  • Leafy Couture
  • Yvonne Dennis
  • Willow and Bear Floral Design
  • Mint and Moose
  • York Flowers by Joanna Keely


York is a city that caters to every style and preference, offering a diverse range of wedding venues, from rustic barns and historic locations to luxurious hotels and unique alternatives. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of The Normans, the historic elegance of Middlethorpe Hall, the luxury of The Principal Hotel, or the uniqueness of The Hospitium, York offers a perfect venue for every couple.

Moreover, factors like accessibility, cost, services offered, and planning resources are crucial to consider when planning your wedding. With various all-inclusive and affordable venues, exceptional catering and bar services, and a range of wedding planning resources, York provides everything you need for a seamless and memorable wedding experience. So, whether you’re a local or planning a destination wedding, York is a city that promises an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wedding venues are available in York?

You’ll find a diverse range of wedding venues in York, including rustic barns, historic sites, luxurious hotels, and unique alternatives such as (date not included).

Are there all-inclusive wedding venues in York?

Yes, there are all-inclusive wedding venues in York, including Hotel du Vin York and The Principal York. These venues provide ceremony and reception spaces, catering, and accommodations in one convenient location.

Are there outdoor wedding venues in York?

Yes, York offers a variety of gorgeous outdoor wedding venues with picturesque gardens and stunning views to make your special day unforgettable.

What catering and bar services are available at York wedding venues?

At York wedding venues, you can expect exceptional catering and bar services, including customizable menus and diverse drink options to fit your preferences and budget.

What resources are available to help with wedding planning in York?

In York, you can find various wedding planning resources, such as planners, caterers, photographers, and florists, to ensure a seamless and memorable wedding experience.