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Are you looking for a professional East Riddlesden Hall wedding photographer to cover your big day? I’m Kirsty Mattsson, an award-winning West Yorkshire wedding photographer with experience covering this fabulous wedding venue. You can see some examples of my photography from East Riddlesden Hall below.

My style incorporates a blend of documentary wedding photography and creative portraiture to give you a set of natural, authentic, and artistic images that tell the full story of your wedding day. I’m not interested in fake grins or posing people. I have a very unobtrusive, hands-off approach to capturing all those moments, details, emotions, and personalities that make your day special to you. With awards in my field and a wealth of experience across various West Yorlkshire wedding venues, I would love to cover your wedding day at East Riddlesden Hall.

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East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photos

Please see examples of my East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography below. This will give you an idea of what this venue offers and the types of images that could be captured on your day. If you’d like to see more of my work from different wedding venues throughout West Yorlkshire and beyond then please visit the portfolios page below.

Planning a East Riddlesden Hall Wedding?

If you are planning a wedding at East Riddlesden Hall, please see the Approach page and the Portfolios page for more information or feel free to get in touch below. I’d love to talk to you about your upcoming wedding and see if I could be the photographer for you.

Award Winning East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photographer

As a West Yorlkshire wedding photographer, I have a documentary style, naturally capturing real moments and emotions without staged posing. I work mainly in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Cumbria, but I also travel across the UK and abroad, photographing weddings of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale events.

My photography often features the dramatic landscapes of Yorkshire and other regions of the UK. I love incorporating scenery, colour, and beautiful light into my images to create vibrant modern images that reflect the time and place you were married. I’ll provide some gentle guidance for any artistic portraits, and I’ll happily follow you up a mountain if you have chosen a venue with stunning surroundings. I’ve received several awards and have had my work published my work in various media.

Weddings at East Riddlesden Hall

East Riddlesden Hall, located in Keighley, presents a picturesque, romantic setting for weddings with its charmingly restored 17th-century barn, lush gardens, and serene duck pond. The Grade II listed manor house offers a wealth of intimate, atmospheric spaces for both the ceremony and reception. The Great Hall, resplendent with its original plasterwork decoration and grand oak-beams, is licensed for ceremonies, while the Airedale Barn, with its exposed timbers and rustic charm, can cater for up to 160 guests for dining and 200 for evening festivities. Couples also have the opportunity to say their vows in the serene outdoor Lower Garden, providing a stunning natural backdrop for both the ceremony and photographs.

In terms of accommodation, whilst the venue itself does not provide overnight stay, East Riddlesden Hall is conveniently situated near a range of quality hotels to cater for wedding guests. As for facilities, the site offers the use of a wedding coordinator to ensure a seamless and stress-free day, ample car parking, and disabled access, not to mention the tranquil ambience of the gardens and grounds. Catering facilities ensure top-class cuisine, with options for a variety of dietary requirements. East Riddlesden Hall blends historic elegance with modern facilities to create an idyllic venue for your special day.

The History of East Riddlesden Hall

Situated in Keighley, West Yorkshire, East Riddlesden Hall is steeped in rich history and unique charm, making it a popular wedding venue today. This Grade I listed building boasts a 17th-century manor house formerly owned by a prosperous cloth merchant, James Murgatroyd. The Murgatroyd family crest, still visible today, carries the Latin motto ‘Quid Rides’ believed to be a play on words for the family’s Riddlesden estate. The property, now managed by the National Trust, offers a stunning backdrop for weddings with its authentic features like the Airedale Barn, believed to have been used for storing grain and cattle in its early years. Not to forget are the rustic courtyards, meandering stream and manicured gardens that gracefully surround the venue, providing picturesque locations for precious photos. The house’s architecture, reflecting the luxuries enjoyed by the merchant class in the 1600s, and the ancient ruins on the grounds further enhance the timeless appeal of East Riddlesden Hall. Known for its intriguing folklore of hidden treasures and resident ghost, this venue does not only offer a beautiful ambiance but also a piece of cultural heritage, making every wedding held here a part of its longstanding legacy.

Directions to East Riddlesden Hall

East Riddlesden Hall is a stunning wedding venue located in the serene town of Keighley, in West Yorkshire, England. Nestled amongst spectacular gardens and set against the rugged backdrop of Yorkshire’s beautiful countryside, this 17th-century manor house is only a short drive from the heart of the town center. It offers remarkable accessibility being a mere 20 miles from Leeds, with easy access to major transportation links. The venue is situated off the A650 Bradford Road, further down Scott Lane, providing convenient access for all guests. The site’s picturesque setting on the banks of River Aire further encapsulates the quaint charm that East Riddlesden Hall bestows upon its visitors.

About Keighley in West Yorlkshire

Keighley, located in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, is a charming and industrious town permeated with rich history and vibrant culture. Nestled within the verdant landscapes of the Aire Valley, Keighley boasts a population of approximately 50,000 residents. Originally an agricultural hub, the town transitioned into a significant textile manufacturing sector during the 18th century, solidifying its reputation as an industriously diverse community. Keighley is famous for its vintage Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, a delightfully preserved heritage railway that offers serene panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The town’s history is beautifully showcased within Cliffe Castle Museum, housing an exquisite collection of art and artifacts. A significant religiously diverse community, Keighley is home to numerous religious establishments, including the iconic shared worship space, Keighley Shared Church. The town benefits from extensive retail centres, excellent educational facilities, and ample recreational areas, providing a high standard of living for its local residents. Keighley is also the venue for numerous festivals, such as the annual Keighley Festival, which punctuates the town’s communal calendar with vibrant celebration. With its unique blend of traditional charm, historical significance, and modern amenities, Keighley stands as a quintessential representation of West Yorkshire’s community-oriented spirit and industrious nature.

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People Also Ask


My style is a blend of documentary photography and creative portraiture. My aim is always to photograph your day completely naturally by capturing genuine emotions and interactions and documenting the unique character and atmosphere of your day. If you’d like, I can also spend a short amount of time with you for some artistic portraits utilising the venue interiors and surroundings. I’ll offer gentle guidance without any posing or forced grins for some lovely natural portraits.


I cover weddings in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Cumbria, and I am available for UK-wide and international locations.


I’ll offer some gentle guidance in a very natural way for a few creative, high-impact, portraits, incorporating beautiful light, colour and scenery. I want you to be totally comfortable in front of the camera and feel like yourselves in the images. There will definitely be no cheese or formal posing!


I have a background in scientific education and have worked in some top universities worldwide. This has been a great benefit to me in learning all the technical aspects of photography. I have a great deal of experience utilising additional lighting, such as flash, for dark situations or just for creative night-time portraits. You can rest assured that you will still have a set of images that you love even if you have a dimly lit venue or a rainy day.


My style is natural and colourful. I take a great deal of care when editing images, but I want your images to look like your day looked, so they are not over-edited. I do not use bulk treatments or presets; I hand-edit every image to the highest standards. I also include a small amount of retouching when needed.


I am qualified with the Guild of Professional Photographers. I have received recognition and awards from some of the top photographic institutions, such as Fearless Photographers and the Masters of Wedding Photography. I have also been published in training publications and various high-profile wedding blogs and magazines. 


I love photographing various weddings, from intimate, small gatherings to large, elaborate celebrations, catering to various wedding styles and sizes.


Of course, please check out my Google page (linked above) for reviews from lots of lovely couples, or see some more kind words on my reviews page.


I use professional mirrorless cameras and have two backup cameras and many lenses. I am fully insured.

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