Start of the day at the Middleton Lodge Cottage

This fabulous Fig House Middleton Lodge wedding was just the perfect wedding day for a wedding photographer. What more could you ask for then all day sunshine, beautiful gardens a lovely couple and a fabulous set of fun family and friends. The Fig House is located on the stunning Middleton Lodge Georgian country estate in North Yorkshire near to Richmond and the Yorkshire Dales. It is lovely rustic building surrounded by a walled garden filled with beautiful flowers in the spring and summer months. The stone building has high windows with trailing fig vines and is perfect for an English country garden wedding. It was also decorated with stunning green foliage and white flowers by the very talented Forge Events.

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We started off with bridal preparations at one of the cottages on the estate. The girls then moved over to the Fig House to finish getting ready.

view of the front of the fig house at the Middleton Lodge estate

Bridal Preparations at the Fig House

All the girls were in the best spirits and really enjoying getting ready for the day. The Fig House bridal suite is a lovely room filled with sunshine and light. The girls took the opportunity to sit in the sun and have a relaxing chat before the day got underway. Immy was given a gift of a hand made photo album by the bridesmaids, which she absolutely adored. Soon the couple’s little baby girl joined the group and pinched all the attention as she enjoyed getting thoroughly fussed over.

Once Immy was ready I took the opportunity to take some photographs of her in some lovely window light. She looked stunning in her elegant white bridal gown that had beautiful delicate lace detailing. Soon the bridesmaids joined her outside for a few group pictures. All the girls looked amazing in heir dusky pink gowns. Their flowers bouquets were a beautiful combination of green foliage and white flowers again styled by Forge Events.

bride in the doorway to the bridal suite at the Fig House Middleton Lodge

Groom’s Arrival at Middleton Lodge Estate

As the girls were getting ready the groom and groomsmen also arrived on the estate. They all looked like they were very excited for the day ahead. Matt looked very dashing in his pale brown suit with a green tie and cream buttonhole. As the guests started to make their way through the colourful fig house gardens, Matt and the groomsmen welcomed everybody.

A Fig House Middleton Lodge Wedding Ceremony

Soon it was time for the Fig House ceremony. The bridesmaids and the flowers girls made their way down the garden pathways, surrounded by lush green foliage. They were followed by Immy and her father who looked very proud to be walking by his daughter’s side. Immy looked so elegant in her lace gown and long veil.

Once they had reached the terrace, they turned the corner and Immy saw Matt at the top of the aisle. Matt looked very moved to see his bride to be and wiped away a small tear as Immy arrived by his side. The garden at the Fig House is such a lovely spot to tie the knot. With the sun shining and the flowers in full bloom the couple held hands and said their vows. It was a romantic ceremony and there were definitely a few tears flowing, particularly amongst the bridesmaids. Immy and Matt walked out too much applause.

A Confetti Tunnel for the Married Couple

After the couple had signed the marriage register they joined the guests in the gardens again. They walked out towards a tunnel of friends and family who had their hands filled with confetti and were eagerly awaiting the chance to bombard the couple. Immy & Matt got a complete confetti showering which included few face fulls as certain guests leaped out of the crowd to lob handfuls at them. They both took it in their stride though and enjoyed every minute of the confetti madness! After picking confetti out of their hair they had a great time being congratulated and indulging in some lovely champagne and canapés.

bride and groom being bombarded with confetti in front of the Fig House at Middleton Lodge

Fig House Middleton Lodge Wedding Photos

After the wedding ceremony Immy and Matt took the time for some photos in the stunning gardens of the Middleton Lodge estate. The Fig House gardens are very picturesque with lovely winding paths leading to stone archways in the garden wall, vibrant blooms and lush greenery. We were also blessed with beautiful light which really added a romantic feel to the portraits. For these portraits I always encourage my couples to use it as a time out from the festivities to have a few moments together. Immy and Matt had a lovely time walking the garden pathways in the sunshine, laughing and joking with each other.

Wedding Breakfast and Speeches

Soon it was time for the wedding breakfast in the Fig House. The long wooden tables were adorned with elegant green foliage and white flowers. Immy and Matt made their way into the room to raucous applause from family and friends and sat down to listen to the wedding speeches. All the speeches went so well and were both heartfelt and full of fun. You could tell how much the couple meant to their guests, there was a lot of love and support In the room. Laughter filled the air, and memories were shared. As each speaker finished, they raised their glass in a toast to the newlyweds, and the room erupted in applause.

I particularly loved capturing this image below which shows three generations reacting to Matt giving his speech. Immy, her mother and even the couple’s little baby girl who is clapping in delight!

Cutting the Wedding Cake

After the wedding breakfast the couple made their way into the next room for the evening celebrations. Surrounded by friends and family , they stood hand in hand as they cut into their fabulous wedding cake. This was a lovely three tiered cake made by a very talented bridesmaid. It was adorned with flowers which really fitted with the beautiful English garden vibe of this wedding day. Afterward, they spent time mulling about the gardens chatting with the guests.

Evening Celebrations at the Fig House

As the evening started to draw near the guests made their way back into the Fig House for the first dance. The band began to play and Immy and Matt stepped on to the dance floor hand in hand. They were surrounded by family and friends all cheering and clapping. It was very clear that the couple were thoroughly enjoying themselves, lost in their own world and having a great time. Soon members of the the audience joined them on the dance floor to rock the night away. There was certainly some very enthusiastic and unique moves on that dance floor!

bride and groom kissing under an archway at the Fig House on the Middleton Lodge estate

Before I left for the evening I took one last opportunity to take a lovely portrait of the couple. As the sun went down, they had a last kiss under the arched entrance to the Fig House.

This was a beautiful wedding day. The Fig House at Middleton Lodge is a stunning, intimate venue that provided the perfect backdrop for a day filled with love and celebration. Thank you so much to Immy and Matt for choosing me as your Fig House Middleton Lodge wedding photographer. All the best for your future lives together x

Fig House Middleton Lodge Wedding- Photography

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