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Are you looking for a professional Low Osgoodby Grange wedding photographer to cover your big day? I’m Kirsty Mattsson, an award-winning North Yorkshire wedding photographer with experience covering this fabulous wedding venue. You can see some examples of my photography from Low Osgoodby Grange below.

My style incorporates a blend of documentary wedding photography and creative portraiture to give you a set of natural, authentic, and artistic images that tell the full story of your wedding day. I’m not interested in fake grins or posing people. I have a very unobtrusive, hands-off approach to capturing all those moments, details, emotions, and personalities that make your day special to you. With awards in my field and a wealth of experience across various North Yorkshire wedding venues, I would love to cover your wedding day at Low Osgoodby Grange.

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Low Osgoodby Grange Wedding Photos

Please see examples of my Low Osgoodby Grange wedding photography below. This will give you an idea of what this venue offers and the types of images that could be captured on your day. If you’d like to see more of my work from different wedding venues throughout North Yorkshire and beyond then please visit the portfolios page.

To see Nadia & Phil’s full wedding day at this venue, see the post below.

Low Osgoodby Grange Wedding

Planning a Low Osgoodby Grange Wedding?

If you are planning a wedding at Low Osgoodby Grange, please see the Approach page and the Portfolios page for more information or feel free to get in touch below. I’d love to talk to you about your upcoming wedding and see if I could be the photographer for you.

Award Winning Low Osgoodby Grange Wedding Photographer

As a North Yorkshire wedding photographer, I have a documentary style, naturally capturing real moments and emotions without staged posing. I work mainly in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Cumbria, but I also travel across the UK and abroad, photographing weddings of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale events.

My photography often features the dramatic landscapes of Yorkshire and other regions of the UK. I love incorporating scenery, colour, and beautiful light into my images to create vibrant modern images that reflect the time and place you were married. I’ll provide some gentle guidance for any artistic portraits, and I’ll happily follow you up a mountain if you have chosen a venue with stunning surroundings. I’ve received several awards and have had my work published my work in various media.

Weddings at Low Osgoodby Grange

Low Osgoodby Grange offers an idyllic setting for weddings, nestled in the picturesque village of Low Osgoodby. This distinguished venue boasts exceptional facilities that aim to create unforgettable wedding experiences. The house boasts rooms lavishly decorated in a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, offering a richly romantic ambiance for ceremonies. Various function rooms are available, from the elegant Drawing Room to the rustic charm of the Oak Panelled Room. The Grange also offers beautiful gardens and stunning lakes, suitable for photo opportunities. The sprawling grounds also possess a luxurious marquee, allowing for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. The accommodation is a highlight, with a total of eight rooms available exclusively for the bridal party. Each room is elegant and understated, blending countryside charm and boutique design to create the most comfortable of retreats. The Bridal Suite is notably stunning, providing the perfect backdrop for the most intimate moments. The venue also offers a professional, dedicated and friendly staff who work tirelessly to ensure every detail is tailored to the couples’ wishes, promising a wedding day filled with magical and memorable moments. Whether it’s an intimate celebration or an extravagant reception, Low Osgoodby Grange promises a uniquely personal experience in a truly distinctive setting.

The History of Low Osgoodby Grange

Low Osgoodby Grange, situated in the quaint village of Low Osgoodby, North Yorkshire, is a wedding venue steeped in rich history and unique features. Originating from the 17th century, the Grange is a beautifully restored Grade II listed farmhouse, which has been associated with many prosperous families, depicting the wealth and status of the region. Set amidst the stunning countryside, the venue offers a serene, picturesque environment that’s ideal for romantic weddings. The Grange marries rustic charm with modern amenities, featuring original oak beams and stone walls alongside luxury facilities. It’s known for its spacious accommodations, each room distinctively styled and elegantly furnished with antique pieces. The highlight of the venue is the beautifully landscaped garden, which serves as a perfect backdrop for the ceremony, providing wonderful photographic opportunities. Additionally, the Grange offers a stunning, glass-covered courtyard marquee allowing receptions to blend seamlessly with the surrounding gardens, irrespective of the weather. An interesting fact about Low Osgoodby Grange is its role during World War II; it was used to house children evacuated from the cities, adding another layer of history to this fascinating venue. Today, it operates as a family business focusing on bespoke and intimate weddings, promising a unique experience for every couple.

Directions to Low Osgoodby Grange

Located in the serene and picturesque village of Low Osgoodby, North Yorkshire, sits the prestigious wedding venue – Low Osgoodby Grange. Immersed in the heart of rural England, this distinguished destination is nestled amid lush, rolling green meadows, offering panoramic views of the Yorkshire countryside. Strategically positioned, Low Osgoodby Grange is reachable through well-connected transport links, making it conveniently accessible for visitors. With traditional British charm blending with contemporary elegance, this venue offers a quintessentially English setting for an unforgettable wedding. The region itself, Low Osgoodby, is a quaint, peaceful hamlet which adds a charming backdrop to the majestic Grange. Thus, located in this idyllic setting, Low Osgoodby Grange stands as a premier venue for special occasions in North Yorkshire.

About Low Osgoodby in North Yorkshire

Low Osgoodby is a small and quaint township nestled within the sprawling landscape of North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Situated just off the Thirsk to Sutton Bank road, Low Osgoodby is a distinct entity within the broader Osgoodby village. Despite its relatively modest size, the town is enriched with a robust history dating back to the 17th century, which lends both charm and character to its identity. Low Osgoodby’s ties to farming and agriculture are proudly reflected in its verdant surroundings, showcasing the picturesque British countryside at its finest. The town comprises period terraced houses alongside more recent developments, hinting at its gradual evolution over time. While its population remains small, the sense of community within Low Osgoodby is palpable, inviting a rich and enveloping experience for both locals and visitors alike. A stay in Low Osgoodby is incomplete without witnessing the tranquil serenity of the River Swale, which runs past the town, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes. Despite its tranquil nature, Low Osgoodby is located within comfortable driving distance from larger hubs like Thirsk, making it an alluring option for those seeking a peaceful community without being entirely detached from city conveniences. Thus, Low Osgoodby is steeped in tradition, offering a glimpse into a simpler, unhurried England while still being relevant and accessible in today’s modern world.

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People Also Ask


My style is a blend of documentary photography and creative portraiture. My aim is always to photograph your day completely naturally by capturing genuine emotions and interactions and documenting the unique character and atmosphere of your day. If you’d like, I can also spend a short amount of time with you for some artistic portraits utilising the venue interiors and surroundings. I’ll offer gentle guidance without any posing or forced grins for some lovely natural portraits.


I cover weddings in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Cumbria, and I am available for UK-wide and international locations.


I’ll offer some gentle guidance in a very natural way for a few creative, high-impact, portraits, incorporating beautiful light, colour and scenery. I want you to be totally comfortable in front of the camera and feel like yourselves in the images. There will definitely be no cheese or formal posing!


I have a background in scientific education and have worked in some top universities worldwide. This has been a great benefit to me in learning all the technical aspects of photography. I have a great deal of experience utilising additional lighting, such as flash, for dark situations or just for creative night-time portraits. You can rest assured that you will still have a set of images that you love even if you have a dimly lit venue or a rainy day.


My style is natural and colourful. I take a great deal of care when editing images, but I want your images to look like your day looked, so they are not over-edited. I do not use bulk treatments or presets; I hand-edit every image to the highest standards. I also include a small amount of retouching when needed.


I am qualified with the Guild of Professional Photographers. I have received recognition and awards from some of the top photographic institutions, such as Fearless Photographers and the Masters of Wedding Photography. I have also been published in training publications and various high-profile wedding blogs and magazines. 


I love photographing various weddings, from intimate, small gatherings to large, elaborate celebrations, catering to various wedding styles and sizes.


Of course, please check out my Google page (linked above) for reviews from lots of lovely couples, or see some more kind words on my reviews page.


I use professional mirrorless cameras and have two backup cameras and many lenses. I am fully insured.

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