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Are you looking for a professional Oakwood at Ryther wedding photographer to cover your big day? I’m Kirsty Mattsson, an award-winning North Yorkshire wedding photographer with experience covering this fabulous wedding venue. You can see some examples of my photography from The Oakwood at Ryther below.

My style incorporates a blend of documentary wedding photography and creative portraiture to give you a set of natural, authentic, and artistic images that tell the full story of your wedding day. I’m not interested in fake grins or posing people. I have a very unobtrusive, hands-off approach to capturing all those moments, details, emotions, and personalities that make your day special to you. With awards in my field and a wealth of experience across various North Yorkshire wedding venues, I would love to cover your wedding day at The Oakwood at Ryther.

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The Oakwood at Ryther Wedding Photos

Please see examples of my Oakwood at Ryther wedding photography below. This will give you an idea of what this venue offers and the types of images that could be captured on your day. If you’d like to see more of my work from different wedding venues throughout North Yorkshire and beyond then please visit the portfolios page.

See Gina and Craig’s full wedding at the Oakwood at Ryther in the post below.

Oakwood at Ryther Wedding

Planning a The Oakwood at Ryther Wedding?

If you are planning a wedding at The Oakwood at Ryther, please see the Approach page and the Portfolios page for more information or feel free to get in touch below. I’d love to talk to you about your upcoming wedding and see if I could be the photographer for you.

Award Winning The Oakwood at Ryther Wedding Photographer

As a North Yorkshire wedding photographer, I have a documentary style, naturally capturing real moments and emotions without staged posing. I work mainly in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Cumbria, but I also travel across the UK and abroad, photographing weddings of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale events.

My photography often features the dramatic landscapes of Yorkshire and other regions of the UK. I love incorporating scenery, colour, and beautiful light into my images to create vibrant modern images that reflect the time and place you were married. I’ll provide some gentle guidance for any artistic portraits, and I’ll happily follow you up a mountain if you have chosen a venue with stunning surroundings. I’ve received several awards and have had my work published my work in various media.

Weddings at The Oakwood at Ryther

Situated in the picturesque village of Ryther, York, the Oakwood at Ryther embodies an enchanting blend of history and grandeur for couples seeking a magical wedding venue. Affording ample comfort and serenity, it boasts comfortable accommodation for the bride and groom as well as guests in their elegantly furnished suites filled with modern amenities. Facilities at the Oakwood are designed to ensure a seamless celebration. The state-of-the-art, lavish function rooms can effortlessly accommodate smaller, intimate parties as well as larger, grander receptions. Additionally, the sprawling, meticulously manicured outdoors provide the ideal backdrop for stunning photos capturing the beauty of the moment. The actual wedding ceremony is held amidst a breath-taking vista in the Oakwood’s idyllic private chapel, adorned with intricate artwork that lends an ethereal charm, creating an environment brimming with love and tranquillity. Beautiful terraces, a well-equipped bar, and a spacious dance floor further enhance the guests’ experience, making the Oakwood at Ryther a compelling choice. From its historic ambience, generous spaces, excellent services to luxurious accommodations, this venue ensures an unforgettable wedding experience. The Oakwood team’s professional approach underscores their commitment to perfection, hinting at an affair as unique and special as the couple’s love story.

The History of The Oakwood at Ryther

The Oakwood at Ryther, a critically acclaimed wedding venue nestled in North Yorkshire, York, is steeped in history and natural beauty. This stunning English country estate has been a cherished location for nuptial celebrations for centuries. The estate was originally owned by the historic Fairfax family, who later passed it on to the Stapleton family in the 18th century. The Oakwood is renowned for its striking Georgian architecture, which is complemented by a serene 50-acre private parkland. The heart of this venue is the tranquil oak-framed pavilion, which presents a stunning blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. This popular venue can accommodate up to 140 seated guests for the wedding breakfast and up to 200 guests for the evening reception. In 2014, it underwent major refurbishments to add contemporary amenities while still preserving its historic charm. Remarkably, the stylish Orangery highlights an all-glass exterior that spectacularly frames views of the surrounding manicured lawns and beautiful woodlands. Further, the Oakwood at Ryther stands as a testament to excellent hospitality, being recognised as one of the top wedding venues in the UK, ensuring an unforgettable experience for any couple.

Directions to The Oakwood at Ryther

The Oakwood at Ryther is a distinguished wedding venue situated in the heart of North Yorkshire, near York. Located amidst the captivating rural countryside, this destination lends unparalleled scenic beauty to your special day. The Oakwood, which stands amongst verdant trees and owns an age-old allure, is proximal to the quaint village of Ryther, contributing to its tranquil and refreshing ambience. Just a short journey from the bustling historic city of York, it is readily accessible, yet far enough to provide a serene, idyllic setting. Renowned for its rich history and quintessential English charm, this location makes it undeniably appealing for couples seeking a unique union of historic splendour and natural beauty in their wedding venue.

About York in North Yorkshire

York, situated in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, is a classic, historic city that beautifully encapsulates British history. This flourishing city, laden with impressive medieval architecture, is a supreme illustration of pure antiquity. The city’s roots trace back nearly 2,000 years, which is manifested in its rich heritage, from Roman foundations to Viking influences. The essence of its storied past is markedly exhibited in York’s most iconic attraction, the York Minster, a colossal Gothic cathedral that leaves visitors in awe. Its medieval stone walls, though worn by the passage of time, still stand tall encapsulating the city’s heart. The Shambles, a meandering street crammed with 14th-century timber-framed buildings, is another testament to the city’s spectacular history. York’s invigorating blend of the historic and contemporary is showcased in its lively cultural scene. It encompasses renowned museums such as The York Castle Museum and the Jorvik Viking Centre, globally celebrated for their authentic historical exhibitions. In terms of education, York’s University is internationally recognized for its excellence. The River Ouse adds a serene touch to the city, serving as a backdrop for relaxing river cruises and idyllic riverside walks. Restaurants, boutiques, and a thriving night-time economy ensure York resonates with vibrancy and life. This unique fusion of old-world charm and 21st-century vivaciousness makes York a compelling destination for travellers, scholars, and residents alike.

The Oakwood at Ryther WEDDING BLOG

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Oakwood at Ryther Wedding – Gina & Craig

I really enjoyed photographing Gina & Craig’s day at this lovely rustic barn wedding venue near York. The Oakwood at Ryther is surrounded by miles of beautiful, tranquil North Yorkshire meadows and the couple had the venue to themselves for the weekend making for a fabulous private and intimate wedding day. After getting ready in […]

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My style is a blend of documentary photography and creative portraiture. My aim is always to photograph your day completely naturally by capturing genuine emotions and interactions and documenting the unique character and atmosphere of your day. If you’d like, I can also spend a short amount of time with you for some artistic portraits utilising the venue interiors and surroundings. I’ll offer gentle guidance without any posing or forced grins for some lovely natural portraits.


I cover weddings in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Cumbria, and I am available for UK-wide and international locations.


I’ll offer some gentle guidance in a very natural way for a few creative, high-impact, portraits, incorporating beautiful light, colour and scenery. I want you to be totally comfortable in front of the camera and feel like yourselves in the images. There will definitely be no cheese or formal posing!


I have a background in scientific education and have worked in some top universities worldwide. This has been a great benefit to me in learning all the technical aspects of photography. I have a great deal of experience utilising additional lighting, such as flash, for dark situations or just for creative night-time portraits. You can rest assured that you will still have a set of images that you love even if you have a dimly lit venue or a rainy day.


My style is natural and colourful. I take a great deal of care when editing images, but I want your images to look like your day looked, so they are not over-edited. I do not use bulk treatments or presets; I hand-edit every image to the highest standards. I also include a small amount of retouching when needed.


I am qualified with the Guild of Professional Photographers. I have received recognition and awards from some of the top photographic institutions, such as Fearless Photographers and the Masters of Wedding Photography. I have also been published in training publications and various high-profile wedding blogs and magazines. 


I love photographing various weddings, from intimate, small gatherings to large, elaborate celebrations, catering to various wedding styles and sizes.


Of course, please check out my Google page (linked above) for reviews from lots of lovely couples, or see some more kind words on my reviews page.


I use professional mirrorless cameras and have two backup cameras and many lenses. I am fully insured.

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