I absolutely love a multicultural wedding and you could not get a more perfect day than this. Neha & Jamie had a lovely sunny wedding day at Rise Hall which included not one but two wedding ceremonies! I’m very pleased to be a recommended Rise Hall Wedding Photographer as it’s one of my favourite wedding venues in East Yorkshire. It is a very elegant, grade II listed building, situated close to the charming town of Beverley and surrounded by acres of landscaped gardens. The couple started out with an English ceremony at the beautiful St Mary’s Church in Beverley, followed by a very colourful Hindu ceremony at Rise Hall. This day was a photographers dream, filled with love and laughter, sunshine and colour and fabulous crowd of very fun and friendly wedding guests. It was a very unique wedding day, a special fusion of tradition, elegance, and joy, nestled amidst the rolling English countryside surrounding Rise Hall.

Wedding Preparations

I arrived at Rise Hall to find Neha and bridesmaids in great spirits, excited for the day ahead. The bridal Suite is an elegant room with chandeliers and full length windows providing an abundance of natural light and a lovely backdrop for getting ready photos. Neha was getting her makeup done and the girls were mulling about putting on their beautiful coral coloured bridesmaids dresses. Neha’s Dad popped by to say hi and see his daughter in her stunning dress, she looked absolutely amazing in her beautiful white wedding gown with lace detail. Meanwhile Jamie and his groomsmen were getting ready just down the corridor and making sure they stayed out of sight of the girls and Neha!

If you are planning a wedding at Rise Hall check out some images from Neha and Jamie’s day below. For more information about my photography style please see the Approach page and the Portfolios page or feel free to get in touch below. I’d love to talk talk to you about your upcoming wedding and see if I could be the photographer for you 🙂

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We are so happy with Kirsty’s photographs. They are amazing and natural and really conveyed the fun emotion we had hoped for!
Neha & Jamie

The Church Ceremony

St Mary’s church in Beverley is a stunning location to get married. It is a grade I listed building and has some of the finest architecture and artwork of any parish church in England. There was a wonderful atmosphere inside the church as family and friends gathered awaiting the arrival of the bride.

The couple’s beloved Cockapoo Lucy took centre stage at their church ceremony, walking with the groom down the aisle and delivering the rings. The presence of their furry companion added an extra layer of warmth and happiness to the proceedings. Lucy, with her tail wagging, seemed to sense the significance of the moment as she dutifully accompanied Jamie down the aisle. The ceremony went without a hitch with some lovely readings and soon the couple were walking down the aisle to much applause.


The couple arrived back to Rise Hall and were greeted by their family and friends. Rise Hall is an absolutely stunning wedding venue and one of my favourites. It is one of Yorkshire’s largest Grade II stately homes and is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens and a lake. We had such a lovely sunny day and I took the opportunity to take a few photographs of the couple exploring the house and grounds.

Wedding preparations part II

It was now time for the Indian celebrations. This started with much in the way of preparations and Neha returned to the bridal suite to get changed into a stunning traditional Lehenge. She looked absolutely beautiful in this elaborate red dress and she was adorned with Henna and jewellery from head to toe. Each piece of jewellery has meaning with bangles symbolising luck, fertility and safety in the marriage. Henna symbolises beauty, joy and spiritual awakening.

Meanwhile Jamie went off to get changed to his Indian wedding sherwani in preparation for the baraat procession.

The Baraat

The Baraat is one of the key highlights of a Hindu wedding day. It is meant to bring the groom to the ceremony with as much pomp and celebration as possible. Traditionally the groom would travel by ceremonial horse but Jamie swapped the horse for a bright yellow vintage car. Decked in his traditional Indian finery, he and the wedding guests created a long procession down the Rise Hall driveway. This was an absolute joy to photograph! What more could you want as a photographer than a procession of colourful happy singing and dancing wedding guests! They had also booked a couple of very colourful dohl drummers to escort them to the wedding venue. I throughly enjoyed every minute photographing this wonderful Baraat and I now want to cover Indian weddings every weekend!

The Hindu Ceremony

This was such a beautiful, traditional Hindu wedding ceremony and I absolutely loved photographing it.

The air was filled with anticipation and excitement as friends and family gathered in the beautifully decorated ceremony room at Rise Hall. Vibrant bursts of colour adorned every corner, reflecting the joyous celebration that was about to unfold. Flower garlands hung delicately, adding a touch of traditional elegance to the ambiance.

Jamie, dressed in his traditional sherwani, awaited his bride with eager anticipation. Neha, adorned in a beautiful red saree, looked radiant as she made her grand entrance. Escorted by her sister and close friends they made their way down the aisle to the mendap.

The ceremony commenced with ancient Sanskrit chants, invoking blessings from the gods for the union of Jamie and Neha. Amidst the chanting, the couple exchanged floral garlands as a symbol of their acceptance and commitment to each other. The bride & grooms scarfs were tied, with the knot being a symbol of the unbreakable bond between the couple. Neha’s parents then formally gave her away.

The sacred fire, or Agni, burned brightly at the center of the mandap, symbolizing purity and the presence of the divine. Jamie and Neha circled the fire seven times, taking solemn vows to honour and cherish each other for eternity. With each turn, they pledged their love and loyalty, promising to support each other through life’s joys and challenges.

The rituals continued with the exchange of vows and blessings from the elders, symbolizing the merging of two families and the beginning of a new chapter in Jamie and Neha’s lives. As the priest chanted ancient mantras, the couple made offerings to the fire, seeking blessings for a prosperous and harmonious future together. The ceremony culminated with the tying of the sacred Mangalsutra around Neha’s neck and the application of sindoor, marking her as Jamie’s beloved wife.

Towards the end of the ceremony the couple played a couple of games. They searched for a ring in a cloudy bowl of petals, to determine who ‘wears the trousers’ in the relationship. I’m not sure who won this game as Neha found a ring first and then Jamie managed to pull one out of the bowl much to his delight! The couple also had a competition over who could untie a knotted string to signify how they will solve problems that may arise in their relationship. I’m not sure who won that one either but they got much applause from the audience.

Amidst the rituals, laughter, and tears of joy, Jamie and Neha looked so happy, and it was such a privilege to witness this special union.

Traditional Indian wedding ceremony at Rise Hall

A Joyous Wedding Reception

Jamie and Neha made a grand entrance to their wedding reception with much applause from their family and friends. This was followed by a few excellent speeches and a fantastic feast. Waiters carried in large trays of delicious looking Indian food and everyone tucked in.

Evening Celebrations

After their meal the couple cut their wedding cake in front of the crowd before sitting down to watch some dance performances. I absolutely loved these synchronised dance routines which were performed expertly by the couples family and friends. Neha also joined some of the girls for a fabulous performance for her new husband and Jamie reciprocated with a brilliantly choreographed routine with his groomsmen. These performances were an absolute treat for the audience who raised the roof with their applause!. Neha & Jamie finished off these dance routines with their own very impressive first dance then the wedding guests hit the dance floor to rock the night away!

This wedding was an absolute joy to photograph and I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much to Neha & Jamie for choosing me as your photographer and all the best for a wonderful life together!

Other Suppliers involved in this wedding

Grooms suits: Moss Bros

Bridal shop: Celebrations bridal house

Hair & Makeup: Nida (purplishstudios)

Flowers: Flowerstyle Beverley

Venue styling: Set The Scene

Cake: Family friend

Catering: Ziya Catering

DJ: Infinitive Music

Band: Friend on double bass and Arjaysviolinist for lunch

Mandap: Midland Mandaps

Rise Hall Wedding Photography

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